Turnkey Premium Services for Employers

Posting your position with SBJ Career Link generates your first source of candidates – applicants to your job posting. Turnkey’s premium services add additional sources of candidates, together with Turnkey’s assistance and expertise. Turnkey offers 3 tiers of premium service for SBJ job posters:


  •  Help Finalize Position Description
  •  Interview Qualified Applicants
  •  Reference Checks
  •  Written Candidate Memo
  •  Career Link Database Search*
  •  Turnkey Proprietary Database**
  •  Outbound Marketplace Recruiting
  •  Turnkey Guarantees




* Turnkey has exclusive access to search, filter, sort and contact the SBJ Career Link database of candidates. Employers posting on the SBJ Job Board cannot reach this database.

** Turnkey’s proprietary database has thousands of passive and active candidate information viewable only to Turnkey recruiters. Access to this database broadens Employers' pools of candidates.